Raven’s Digital Signal Extension System Gets Even More Flexible with Addition of SX3102 Extender/Splitter

New Three-port product enables extremely cost-effective signal distribution over UTP cable

Brookfield, CT October 2, 2014–The newest addition to Raven’s SX3100 family, the SX3102 three-port extender/splitter is an extremely cost-effective means to distribute digital video, audio and auxiliary signals an additional 525 feet (160 meters) over UTP cable to multiple displays—perfect for small digital signage installations.

The additional distance enables a single digital signal to be transported a total of 1,050 feet (320 meters) to two SX3100 receivers. Of course the SX3102 is fully compatible with the larger SX3107 1x7 distribution amplifier, allowing installations to be adapted to any conceivable footprint. For example, an SX3100 transmitter can feed an SX3102, whose two outputs can further feed a pair of SX3107s, allowing digital signal distribution to 14 total endpoints at distances up to 1,575 feet (480 meters) away from the source.

Additional SX3102 and SX3107 components can be inserted into the chain as needed; as there is no limit to the number of SX3102 or SX3107 components that can be inserted into any chain.

In a distributed environment containing any number of endpoints, a single Raven SX3100 receiver can be designated as the “master,” making it capable of two-way IR, RS-232 and USB communication with the system’s transmitter.

Users will benefit from the unique attributes of Raven’s Talon Engine, which, thanks to adaptive compression, delivers unparalleled image quality as the technology differentiates between text and motion video on the fly, rendering each optimally, even within a single frame.

Another hallmark of Raven products is the implementation of Galvanic isolation, ensuring less susceptibility to power surges and lightning strikes. Unlike HDBaseT products, Raven offerings are also immune to the effects of hostile crosstalk—allowing multiple cables to be placed in a single conduit—and impervious to cell phone and other electrical interference.

System specifications are based on SX3100 Series performance, which includes video support to 1920x1200 resolutions.

All Raven products are backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


About Raven Research:
Based in Brookfield, CT, Raven proudly serves the Professional Audiovisual community as providers of high quality, high performance audiovisual and mixed signal connectivity solutions. The Raven product portfolio is focused on delivering high quality digital video and bi-directional auxiliary signals over CAT5/6/7 and optical fiber cables.

With over forty years of combined experience developing and manufacturing signal management technology, our goal is to provide products that give users the flexibility, reliability and performance needed to differentiate them from the competition.