Raven Introduces Rack-Based Utility Frame to House Multiple UTP Extension / Distribution Products

Store and Power up to Nine UTP Transmitters, Receivers or Distribution Amplifiers in Only 5U

Brookfield, CT May 21, 2014 – Pro AV manufacturer Raven Research now offers a rack-based utility frame that can densely pack—and provide power to—up to nine SX31XX Series UTP-based digital signal extension and distribution solutions.

The RN3109 (RN for Raven’s Nest) is designed to fit in standard 19” racks, packing the enclosed SX3100 Series Transmitters and Receivers or SX3107 Distribution Amplifier units into only 5U. SX31XX units are affixed into the frame via a unique friction-based system that eliminates the need for any additional hardware. Additionally, any units housed in the RN3109 can be mounted with the connectors facing either in or out, enabling cable management to be tailored to any installation.

The RN3109’s onboard power supply features locking cylindrical power connectors, while two optional covers for the frame are available, in clear Plexiglas or vented galvannealed steel. Both covers affix to the RN3109 frame magnetically.

Raven’s SX3100 Series products deliver HD video, IR and two-way USB and RS-232 to a distance of 160 meters/525 feet over standard UTP cable. The seven-port SX3107 DA acts as a signal re-generator and re-syncer, and can be tiered/cascaded as needed, enabling unlimited digital signal distribution via UTP.

SX31XX products support resolutions to 1920x1200 and Raven’s proprietary Adaptive Compression technology automatically optimizes for both moving images and static text, ensuring both types of content look amazing, even on the same screen at the same time.

The RN3109 utility chassis, SX3100 Transmitters and Receivers and the SX3107 Distribution Amplifier are all currently available.

About Raven Research:
Based in Brookfield, CT, Raven proudly serves the Professional Audiovisual community as providers of high quality, high performance audiovisual and mixed signal connectivity solutions. The Raven product portfolio is focused on delivering high quality digital video and bi-directional auxiliary signals over CAT5/6/7 and optical fiber cables.

With over forty years of combined experience developing and manufacturing signal management technology, our goal is to provide products that give users the flexibility, reliability and performance needed to differentiate them from the competition.