About Raven

Made up of pro a/v professionals that boast over 40 years of experience in engineering, manufacturing, selling, supporting and marketing high-performance video extension, distributing and switching solutions, Raven AV's reason for existence is simple—to provide products that reduce the stress levels of system integrators and installers.

There's no doubt that the digital media age has thrown a veritable monkey wrench into pro a/v applications, not so much because of the media, but because a majority of digital extension products simply do not perform as they are advertised.

When Raven says it will work, it works.

When Raven states a specification, you can trust that specification.

We know time is money, and that every time you return to a site to troubleshoot a problem, it's money out of your pocket. Therefore, our goal is to reduce—even eliminate—such sojourns, at least because of our equipment. (when we figure out how to extinguish site visits because of other company's equipment, we'll let you know)

That's why all Raven products, for example, boast Galvanic isolation. Isolating current flow in your circuitry may seem trivial, but most manufacturers don't implement the practice, and that can be the difference between making one, two or three unnecessary site visits, or none.

Raven Research is customer focused and totally committed to providing excellent service and technical support, as well as developing and providing new solutions based on your input and feedback. We listen.