Raven Digital Media Solutions

UTP (CAT5/Cat6/Cat7)

SX3100 Transmitter & Receiver:
Extend digital video to resolutions of 1920x1200, audio, plus two-way USB (four-ports), IR and RS-232 to 525 feet/160 meters over UTP. Galvanic isolation protects circuits in the event of power surges or lightning strikes while proprietary adaptive compression technology automatically optimizes for both moving images and static text, ensuring that all content is rendered crisply.
RR3100 Ruggedized Transmitter & Receiver:
A hardy version of the SX3100 suitable for the rental and staging market. Internal components are shock-mounted within the thick, tough aluminum case. RR3100 specs are identical to the SX3100, with the exception of the addition of an internal UTP to fiber converter which allows for the extension of signals over fiber or UTP.
SX3102 1x2 Extender/Splitter:
Super cost-effective way to split/extend digital signals an additional 525 feet (160 meters) from an SX3100 transmitter to multiple SX3100 receivers for a total distance reach of 1,050 feet (320 meters). Tier/cascade as necessary, plus the SX3102 is fully compatible with the SX3107 DA.
SX3107 1x7 Distribution Amplifier:
Distribute a single digital input to an unlimited number of endpoints, when used in conjunction with SX3100 components. Achieve 525 foot/160 meter runs over UTP from an SX3100 transmitter, to an SX3100 receiver or another SX3107 DA.
RN3109 Rack-based Utility Frame:
Designed to fit in standard 19” racks, the RN3109 allows for the dense packing of nine SX3100 Series Transmitters and Receivers or SX3107 Distribution Amplifier units into only 5U. An onboard power supply with locking cylindrical connectors provides power, eliminating the need for separate PSUs.