SX3107 Digital Media Distribution Amplifier

Designed for use with Raven’s SX3100 UTP-based transmitter and receiver, the SX3107 1x7 Distribution Amplifier opens up a world of digital signal extension and distribution possibilities, enabling high-definition digital video and auxilliary signals to be routed anywhere you need content.

Yes, the SX3107 is able to route a single high-definition video input to seven additional outputs, but the DA also regenerates and resyncs the original signal, allowing a limitless number of DA’s to be placed up to 525 feet/160 meters  from each other, an SX3107 transmitter or an SX3107 receiver. What this means for integrators and installers is a total eradication of previous common constraints in the digital signal delivery realm.

Additionally, in a distributed environment containing any number of endpoints, a single Raven SX3100 receiver can be designated as the “master,” making it capable of two-way IR, RS-232 or USB communication with the system’s transmitter.

In a distributed environment, users will still benefit (of course) from the unique attributes of Raven’s Talon Engine, which, thanks to adaptive compression, delivers unparalleled image quality as the technology differentiates between text and motion video on the fly, rendering each optimally.

Another hallmark of Raven products, including the SX3100 series and the SX3107, is the implementation of Galvanic isolation, ensuring less susceptibility to power surges and lightning strikes. Unlike HDBaseT products, Raven offerings are also immune to the effects of hostile crosstalk—allowing multiple cables to be placed in a single conduit—and impervious to cell phone and other electrical interference.

600-4007-01 SX3107 Distribution Amplifier (requires power supply)
• 894-1002-01 PSU5002 Locking "Vertical Mount" 5V PSU with US Plug Kit
• 894-1001-01 PSU5001 Locking "Hang Down" 5V PSU with Universal AC Plug Kit for US/EU/UK/AU/NZ

• 260-2000-00 - SX3100 Series Rigid Mount Bracket Kit. Supports (1) Transmitter or Receiver unit.
• 260-2001-00 - SX3100 Series HD Multimedia Cable/Connector Secure Bracket
• 895-0001-06 - Cable HD Multimedia Male/Male, 6-Feet
• 895-0002-06 - Cable HD Multimedia Male to DVI "D" Male, 6-Feet
• 895-0003-00 - Adapter HD Multimedia Male to DVI "D" Female

Video electrical formats DVI, digital HD multimedia (video with embedded audio)
From Tx to One Rx (Master)
See SX3100 for link specifications
Passes HD Multimedia embedded audio (if present in signal) to each connected receiver
Full auxiliary bi-directional audio between Tx and one Rx (master)
See SX3100 for audio specifications
Full duplex RS-232 supported between Tx and one Rx (master)
See SX3100 for RS-232 specifications
Connector qty & type; (1) RJ-45 female input, (7) RJ-45 female outputs,
DISTANCE (CAT 5/6/7) 160m / 525ft between SX3100 Tx, SX3100 Rx or SX3107DA
IR remote signals carried from one Rx (master) to Tx
See SX3100 for IR specifications
Power 5VDC �10% @ 800mA typ; 1.2 Amps max
Connector threaded locking cylindrical
Temperature / humidity -40 ~ +158°F ( -40 ~ 70°C)/10 ~ 90%, non-condensing
Temperature / humidity +32 ~ +122°F (0 ~ 50°C)/10 ~ 90%, non-condensing
Cooling radiation/convection - no vents, no fan
Enclosure powder coated 16ga Galvanealed steel
Enclosure dimensions (H x W x D) 1.0" x 7.5" x 4.2" / 25.4 x 190.5 x 160.7mm
Weight 1.1lbs / 500g
MTBF 100,000 hours
Warranty 5 years parts & labor
Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice