Raven Now Offers Ruggedized UTP-Based Digital Signal Extension System

RR3100 extends digital video, audio, RS-232, IR and USB signals 525 feet over UTP, while withstanding punishing environments and incidental abuse

Brookfield, CT September 4, 2014–Pro AV equipment manufacturer Raven Research announces the addition of a ruggedized version of its popular SX3100 digital signal extension system.

Housed in a thick, aluminum case, the RR3100 (for Rugged Raven) features Neutrik® professional entertainment I/O connectors capable of weathering extreme conditions to provide unfailing signal integrity. All internal components, including system power supplies, are shock mounted for increased durability.

Link performance consists of support for 1920x1200 resolution video (including 1080p) and embedded audio, full-duplex RS-232, IR and USB, with four USB outputs on the RR3100 transmitter. Additionally, an internal converter allows users to utilize fiber-optic cable in place of UTP as a transmission medium (if desired), to achieve distances of 1,800 feet, 6,000 feet or 22 miles, depending on fiber type.

Raven’s Talon 5 engine, a proprietary solution for extending digital signals, employs adaptive compression, a technology that seamlessly differentiates between text and motion video and renders each optimally on the same screen at the same time.

Additionally, all Raven circuitry features galvanic isolation, an implementation that eliminates grounding issues that are all too commonplace in extension situations. Raven products are also engineered utilizing networking electrical standards, ensuring resilient products that boot up or recover no matter what sequence connectors are plugged in or units are powered on.

Unlike HDBaseT™ products, Raven products retain performance standards when used near cellular phones, other electrical interference or when multiple cables are run in the same conduit.

RR3100 transmitters and receivers are available with two different digital video inputs. A pre-drilled, removable mounting arm comes standard with each chassis, enabling a wide variety of mounting options.

Raven Research CTO Chris Miller, who served as Chief Scientist of Magenta Research for many years, offered, “Pairing our most popular product with a tough outer shell was a natural evolution for Raven. The RR3100 offers resiliency both inside and out in order to effectively stand up against the rigors of the rental and staging market.”

The virtually bullet-proof exterior and tough connectors—combined with a core powered by Raven’s resilient Talon 5 engine—ensure that the RR3100 is a perfect signal extension solution for rental and staging focused organizations, or any other integrator that pushes its equipment to the limit.


About Raven Research:
Based in Brookfield, CT, Raven proudly serves the Professional Audiovisual community as providers of high quality, high performance audiovisual and mixed signal connectivity solutions. The Raven product portfolio is focused on delivering high quality digital video and bi-directional auxiliary signals over CAT5/6/7 and optical fiber cables.

With over forty years of combined experience developing and manufacturing signal management technology, our goal is to provide products that give users the flexibility, reliability and performance needed to differentiate them from the competition.